As a business, your visibility to the outer world is paramount to get repeat sales on your product/service, this article aims to detail why businesses need marketing and what marketing will work best for your business.

Why Businesses Need Marketing?

To be found! There are many businesses out there that may offer the same type of product or service that you do, and if there is nothing to separate you from them, then your customers could be easily going elsewhere, but by being at the top thanks to a specialist marketing strategy, you will be the first person people go to!

The business environment is more brutal than ever, with 80% of businesses failing within 2 years of being set up, with there being many potential reasons for why this could be, but one of the biggest is simply not being found, which is the practical and pragmatic reasoning for why businesses need marketing, especially when running a business and turning a profit is becoming more difficult every year that goes by…

This is why you need to be found online, and there are many ways for this to be done, an example of marketing working well would be if someone was searching for your service in Google, ie “Plumber In Colchester”, and you were the first result! The first result is going to be the one that gets most of the enquiries, and as such, is a lost opportunity for sales and a good example of how much money you are leaving on the table by not investing in marketing, with the example we used being SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

As an online marketing agency, our goal is to make sure, that whatever method of marketing we use, you get a great long term ROI (Return on Investment), this makes it a very symbiotic relationship, by you making more money from our marketing, and us getting paid to do so, we only win if you do!

So What Form of Marketing is Best for My Business?

This depends a lot on your business, where you want to focus and what product/service you offer to your clients, as well as where your clients are most likely to be. It is the case that this is usually outlined and discussed with you to make sure a strong plan is laid out. Below are some of the marketing services we offer, so you can get a taste of what we offer and what may work best for you.


SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of making your website more visible in search, this is done by making your site organically rank higher in google. This means that when a user searches something on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, you will be one of the first results they see, and if 10,000 people search for a term you rank for a month, just imagine the traffic that would be going to your site!

SEO is a fantastic long term marketing strategy, as it will ensure that you can leverage search engines to become a primary sales funnel that drives targeted traffic to your site that, with the right landing page, will convert into business!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing takes all the hassle of managing, growing and nurturing your social media channels from yourself and hands it over to a marketing specialist who will have the right strategy the grow and nurture your social platforms into something that can be leveraged to increase the number of enquiries your brand gets.

Almost everyone has a Facebook and twitter profile, with many businessmen having a LinkedIn profile too, this means that these platforms are great to leverage to get your product/service in front of the people who use this platform on a daily basis, and thanks to the versatility of these platforms, both “business to business” and “business to client” organisations can reap the rewards of an actively maintained and nurtured social media presence.

There is also a lot of synergy between social media marketing and SEO, as the social signals generated by social media marketing can be leveraged as part of an over arching SEO campaign.

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Email Marketing

If you have a mailing list that is neglected and gathering dust, or need to build a list, Email Marketing is a fantastic strategy to ensure that you are in your prospects inbox, with well designed and written emails built to convert. By giving your clients incentives to join your mailing list, you can leverage their details and buying patterns to ensure that you can turn even the coldest of leads into repeat sales for your business.

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Blog Management

An active and healthy blog is a truly fantastic way to building repeat clients that keep coming back to your website to read your blog and stay up to date, this also allows for retaining viewership on your website and lowering the bounce rate site wide!

Video Production

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Having a bespoke video that is recorded and edited by a professional can help to massively improve and supplement any other marketing you have, as a video on social media or a blog will help to drive more engagement on that page or post, and in a world as competitive as the one we live in, the edge that a bespoke video could provide may be just what you need to get to the top.

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And now you can see why businesses need marketing! If you are ready to bring your brand the attention it deserves with a bespoke marketing strategy then why not give us a call on 01206 617101 or send us an email on! If you are looking for a quality website design to be used as the base for all of our online marketing, then we can also arrange and discuss this with you to set up the strategy to follow!

Now You Know Why Businesses Need Marketing, Improve Your Visibility With Elixir Digital!

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