SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this can also stand you in good stead online – it really is essential to you and your business now and in the future.

While many may not understand or know what SEO is, it doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.
However, if you’re online or your business has an online store/page of any kind, the likelihood is
that you’ve heard of SEO and you’ll know that the engagement levels are very successful to all
types of business and their industries!It is virtually impossible to succeed in our ever expanding online world without giving
considerable consideration to SEO; to what it means, and to what it does.

To wield SEO more effectively and enhance your company’s campaign, Elixir Digital have some
magic ideas up our sleeves to help you rank high and flying online:

Using Trendy Keywords
The reality is that if consumers are searching specific terms then you know exactly where to
reach them online. Take advantage of that by keeping up with and using trending keywords,
hashtags, and topics – our SEO specialist is an expert within this area of producing the content
that can help you perform to your best capabilities online.
Relevance is Key

If keywords are not relevant to an audience, they simply won’t search for them. Search engines
and websites won’t have an audience to recommend your brand/service/product to. That’s why
one of the most important aspects of getting more customer engagement through SEO is
selecting keywords, platforms, and types of media that are relevant to those customers you
want to connect and build a relationship with.

The Big Three Searches
There are three different types of searches to look out for when it comes to optimizing for your
SEO. Consumers enter search terms for specific purposes, so if you want your SEO to be
effective, you must anticipate and optimise accordingly.

● Ad Hoc Searches
The Ad Hoc variety is a general consumer search, they may enter terms like “new kitchens” or
“holiday ideas,” to gather basic information about a broad topic. Keywords for these types of
searches are broad and fit well in your content.

● Name Page Searches
If you were to type the name of an agency or company in addition to a keyword such as “design
articles,” you will most likely want information from that specific source. Well-optimized,
reputable web pages such as ours are ideal for SEO.

● Known Searches
If you reference points/topics from an article you’ve already seen or read, it’s called a known
item search. SEO for this type of search depends on clear content with memorable keywords
and accurate meta-descriptions.

You can incorporate three of the many methods into your SEO strategy on behalf of Elixir
Digital, We’re able to look after your campaign by varying your keywords and strategies as and
when needed.