Online advertising has changed how we market our businesses, as where before we would send out a mail shot or take display advertising on the street, we can now have our ads shown online to users who are already likely to be interested in our products, with a lot more flexibility in budget, making it great for small and upcoming businesses!

Google AdWords

The most common and arguably most powerful advertising platform, with it being powered by Google, who owns the planet’s most popular search engine, video sharing platform and display network meaning that your Google Advert will be seen almost everywhere! You have a lot of choice of how you want your Advert to look like and who will view it, with you having options for text, image or even video advertisements that can be tailored to be shown to the most interested people, via behavioural and demographic targeting which can all be configured in a very simple to use platform. AdWords is a PPC (Pay per click) advertising platform, which means it can work really well with just about any budget.  Below we will cover the specific advertising types that Adwords Offers and if they are right for your business:

Search Ads

These are the more conventional advertisements you see if you do a Google search. There are typically 2-3 advertisements over the organic results in addition to several advertisements to the best of their search results. Here you want specific key words people are typing in as they hunt and compete in an internet auction with opponents for best placements. Depending on the competition of the keyword and how many views it gets will decide the cost of the keyword to bid on.

Display Network

All these are advertising placements outside their traditional Google search. Google owns many platforms like Gmail and YouTube in which it is possible to put text, video and image advertisements across all their networks. They also associate with tens of thousands of 3rd party sites giving Google Screen Network the largest advantage from any online marketing platform.


Using a remarketing effort, after someone is on your site, you are able to promote to that person person as they browse the net. Remarketing is readily available for both Display and Search Network campaigns. This is a great way to turn a lead quickly going cold into a warmer lead to convert at a later date, or to remind people of your presence and get them returning to your site so they can hopefully order your product/service.

Bing Ads

Comparable to Google Adwords, Microsoft uses its Bing research engine to function in a similar way to Google and serve advertisements in it’s search engine results in addition to partner networks. The Bing Search engine has a considerably smaller audience when compared to Google, but that generally means that bidding on keywords is significantly less costly and may help you save money as it expands your advertising budget somewhat further.

Within the last couple of decades Bing Advertisements has made amazing strides in enhancing their advertising network in addition to making it simple for business owners to conduct their own campaigns. Bing Ads provides free advertising credits but they may be difficult to find, but overall helps to make sure that it is worth giving Bing a go, as you may get some good results, especially if you have a smaller budget.

Facebook Advertising

Promotion on Facebook could be a gold mine for both smaller companies and the more bigger ones too! As their advertising stage has come a very long way the last couple of years, both in efficacy and ease of use.

Facebook advertisements work like conventional pay-per-click advertising (pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement ), but the fantastic thing with Facebook is that it is possible to add a picture or movie together with your own text. Even if people do not click on your advertisement, you are still getting plenty of fantastic exposure to your targeted audience at no cost.

While programs such as Adwords and Bing Ads normally target user behaviour (looking for a good or service), Facebook enables you to aim based on market makeups and consumer interests. Their stage is unmatched in this regard and should you understand precisely who your target audience it, may be a potent marketing platform. Their video advertising platform attempts to rival YouTube and they appear to be pushing new marketing features each week.

Instagram Advertising

Facebook was attempting to determine a way to monetise this platform since they bought Instagram. They’ve been experimenting with different ad formats and have now launched advertising to everybody.

You could even make and conduct your Instagram advertisement campaigns directly within the Facebook Ad supervisor, where among your targeting choices is currently Instagram. The excellent part about this is that you don’t really require an Instagram accounts to target Instagram users through the Facebook Ad platform, even though I would advise you do. This means that a good strategy for advertising your brand online would be to target both Facebook and Instagram at the same time and seeing what sort of results you get.

LinkedIn Ads

If you are at the B2B or specialist services business, LinkedIn Ads might be precisely what you’re searching for. Linkedin can serve your audience highly targeted advertisements to other professionals and companies on Linkedin. The Cost Per Click (CPC) is greater than pretty much any other platform recorded here, however you can target your ads to a very particular demographic.

I would advise that in the event that you’re B2B or supplying professional services and you’re wanting to get high value customers. The promotion platform is rather simple to use and with numerous exceptionally detailed user profiles, offers exceptionally detailed targeting options.

Relative to conventional advertising such as newspaper and direct mail, paid online marketing is quite efficient. The thing that I like best about marketing on the internet is that you’re able to see exactly where your money is going and when it is creating an ROI which is logical for you. I also like that it’s typically a cover for performance situation, in which you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your site. Imagine that you just paid on the newspaper advertisement when someone phoned or walked through your door? The newspaper industry would have died many years ago!

Last notice, paid advertisements must coincide with your natural advertising attempts (such as Search Engine Optimisation), you really ought to be doing equally as the both of them working together may bring amazing outcomes for you company.