Our Creative Genius'


Connor, James and Fred, the three dedicated marketing genius’ focusing on expanding your business with their unique skillsets, together they form elixir digital, the online marketing agency of the ages. the three together are highly proficient in creating the solid foundations of your website, the sturdy DNA for proficiency, speed and intuitive customer experiences.

Connor Bulmer

Connor’s the funny dude, brightening our days with a sprinkle of idiot dust. Just like a savant he is a genius at what he does though. Connor has Search Engine Optimisation flowing through his veins.

James Morgan

He doesn’t like to think of himself as a boss, more of a partially bearded tyrant swinging his metaphorical sabre at any given opportunity. James is a wiz at website design.

Fred Grosch

Fred is the strong silent type. He likes to talk about rules a lot, yet is often the one hiding money under his edge of the Monopoly board. Fred is the account handler.

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