our culture


At Elixir Digital we pride ourselves on reputation. We like to imagine that at every stage we are having tea with the vicar; a situation commanding a particular set of values, ethics and manners. These values translate into the fabric of common decency and thus represent a responsible way of conduct.

Elixir promises COMMITMENT: to ourselves, our staff and customers. A commitment of honesty, integrity and transparency. We promise to treat you as our most important customer. We do not subscribe to the ethos that because Company X pays us £1000 and Company Y pays us £500 customer X is valued greater. We respect every client who places their trust in us equally. We pledge to value that trust equally with an unparalleled service at every stage. This is also relevant to our staff members, who are valued on their own merit, regardless of whether then have been with us for one day or one year. We foster a positive environment, reward commitment and strive to provide ongoing education for all our staff members.

We also REWARD SUCCESS. Whether that be an acknowledgement for effort and commitment, or a tangible reward, we feel it is vital to reward positivity with positivity. We encourage participatory teamwork alongside individual task management. We do like a smart arse. There may be no ‘I’ in team but there are five in ‘individual brilliance’. If you bring you’re A-game to Elixir – alongside positivity, energy and focus – that makes you a legend in our book.

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