When setting up a website for the first time, the ‘cheap’ option can appear to be very easy on the purse strings. BUT, whatever you do, don’t fall into this pit of cheap web hosting providers, as it will actually become a more expensive option in the long run!

One problem we’ve encountered with customers that have experienced these problems with previous ‘cheap’ web hosting in the past, and ultimately come to us in search of a trusted hosted service, an old saying perfectly sums it all up perfectly, “you get what you pay for” – this is one hundred percent true when it comes to your hosting.

In fact, it’s best to choose an affordable, premium hosting provider (the most popular type being managed, shared hosting) from the outset, to save yourself plenty of headaches (and probably money) in the future.

After all, what comes free these days without a catch? Free web hosting companies, for instance may offer you a version at no cost, but it will more than likely include a catch where you sign up to the full or premium version after a trial period.

Free versions can also be incredibly limited, that you’ll soon end up having to upgrade – playing right into their hands. To avoid the hassle of trying to move your site and its contents to another provider (which often isn’t even possible unless you upgrade), you might just go ahead and pay for that easy option and not think too much about the consequences, even though it’s more expensive than most other premium options.

Oh, and by the way, when you sign up for free hosting you’ll be offered a “free domain name.” This could look something along the lines of yourname.myfreesite.co.uk – if that looks professional to you, then it might be a short walk back to the drawing board…

In addition, if your free hosting provider decides to do shut down and you haven’t transferred to a trustworthy provider, then you could be at risk of losing your website and all that it offers to your customer – not ideal! If you ever want to move your site to another hosting provider, prepare for a lot of hassle if you’re using a free provider.

Not only this, one of the main problems with websites hosted by free providers is that they usually look awful. More often than not, you’ll have the choice between a few basic themes – is your business basic or do you want to take it to the next level? Hopefully it’s the latter!

Another issue is the complete lack of plugins and other helpful bits that can help you improve your site in the future, going for the ‘free’ option can often eradicate access to these features.

It really does pay to pay the potentially extra fee, that gives you the piece of mind that your website is looked after professionally and even make further changes in the future if you so wish without any risks backfiring.

As you can see, free hosting just sets you up for a downfall – we haven’t even mentioned the limited or non-existent analytics, the lack of branded email addresses, complete lack of support, slow speeds, lack of uptime guarantees, and below-par security.

Here at Elixir Digital we know all there is to know about professional website hosting, we don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of it all. But, what we will do is put you on the right track to becoming a success online – hosting a website is just one of the starting points!   

Contact us today at Elixir Digital for all your website hosting requirements, you’re more than welcome to visit us in our office or call us on 01206 617101 or email us via sales@elixirdigital.co.uk.

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