As a business in this highly competitive environment, you need everything to have the edge, A Bespoke WordPress design by Elixir Digital will help to give you this edge! As while other agencies will give you a quickly made site from a template, we ensure that we offer you a truly bespoke experience from start to finish.

Unique and Bespoke WordPress Design

While many other agencies will offer you a website, some even saying that it is “a bespoke WordPress Web Design” there is a good possibility that they are essentially just getting an off the shelf WordPress theme, possibly making a few changes, and selling it to you as a fully bespoke experience; This is especially likely if the price is on the cheaper side.

Elixir Digital, on the other hand, build our websites by hand, hand crafting the design before the build to ensure you are completely happy with the design we are going for, we craft a site that is perfect for your business and its motives, and it shows in conversions!

Lightning Fast And Responsive

The problem with taking a premade theme and trying to work with it is that you are limited by the capability of the theme, and also the code quality of the theme itself, there are also lots of times when a theme tries to do a bit of everything, and does a poor job, resulting in a slow and unresponsive site.

Where our sites are built from the ground up for your requirements, you have no needless features tacked on and your site is lightning fast and perfect for your needs.

Unbeatable Security

Many off the shelf solutions have too many needless features, some being potential vulnerabilities, some themes even have back doors implemented in them! This is, again, never an issue with a bespoke WordPress website design solution by Elixir Digital.

You will also get additional security on your bespoke WordPress web design project if you choose to have it hosted on out high end cloud server, built from the ground up on the most modern technology available and a software stack that has been tailored to be as fast as possible while secure against even some of the most intense types of hacking!

The use of a pre-made theme over a bespoke WordPress website design, as we have said before, poses some security risks, there is even a vulnerability database for WordPress themes which helps to show the level of security vulnerabilities and risks you take when taking the dive into a pre made theme.


Another thing that every web design agency out there touts being able to do, but you would be surprised how many agencies fall behind on this. Off the shelf WordPress themes often have only basic SEO, and often times the built in optimisation needs reworks to really be up to standard, as google algorithm changes and things such as page-speed are always slow on bloated themes.

A Bespoke WordPress Design from Elixir Digital will not have this issue, thanks to the fact that the SEO is built from the ground up and following industry standards, ensuring the on-page optimisation on the site is at a very high standard,

Integration with anything

When looking at premade WordPress themes, you need to check to see if it has support for the other things you need implemented, ie Woocommerce or BuddyPress to make sure the theme doesn’t break when this is implemented.

When having a fully bespoke WordPress web design, this is a non-issue, as we handle the integration, and as such can implement whatever you and your business needs!

To conclude, while it may seem cost effective and easy to just buy a premade WordPress theme and use that for your business, to be truly unique and have a website that towers above the rest, you need a truly unique site build from the ground up for your needs and requirements.  If you are ready to go ahead with a fully bespoke WordPress website designed for your needs and requirements, then why not give us a call on 01206 617101 or send us an email on!

If you are looking for another solution for your business, then we are happy to accommodate, whether that is website design with another CMS, or some Search Engine Optimisation to further enhance your rankings on search engines for the keywords people will be using to find businesses like yours, we will be able to find and carry out the best solution for your business!

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