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5 Tips for Social Media Marketing Beginners

Marketers will find it most humble to post a tweet that you just knew would be a big hit with your target audience.

We would like to think of ourselves as having the ability to come up with high-quality social media content on a daily basis, but the fact is that we’re all human. Sometimes we have trouble planning social media content that is aligned with our company’s goals and objectives.

If you’re just starting out in social media management & marketing or are looking for a few hints and tips to get started, we’ve compiled some handy knowledge to aid in growing your networks — no matter your experience or skill level.

1. Sync your posts across all social networks.

If you’re just getting started, it’s a great idea to look into a social media marketing & management service such as HubSpot’s Social Inbox, HootSuite or Buffer. This tool will allow you to schedule posts, track mentions, keep an eye on your social media analytics, and monitor all of your accounts. Later and TweetDeck are similar tools.

These apps allow you to sync your social media posts across multiple accounts. You can keep your content synchronized across your accounts and allow you to introduce your brand to followers who have multiple accounts.

2. Schedule posts for the right time

Weekends are not to be avoided. Schedule content launches and posts for evenings to open up engagement opportunities that aren’t limited by time zones. This allows you to reach audiences all over the globe, even though it is 5 AM in your location.

This allows global audiences to access fresh content even during work hours.

Avoid scheduling content for evenings that requires engagement by your team. An Instagram photo inviting followers to comment below could be an example. You might not want to post about something at midnight because you aren’t able to interact.

3. Republish and update old content & posts

If you have a backlog of older content that’s outdated, update and republish it with fresh ideas for SEO. This strategy is more effective than constantly generating new ideas and can draw new readers.

These could be blog posts, landing pages or offers you have on your site. You can use your social media strategy to build engagement and put your best foot forward.

4. Visuals are best.

It’s fine to not invest in visual content if you’re just starting out with social media. It’s a good idea to include images, videos, and graphics whenever possible.

There are a number of free services, like Canva, to help you edit and create content. GIFs are a great way to engage with a younger audience. Don’t forget your smartphone! They can take beautiful photos that you can share on social media.

5. Use hashtags to increase post engagement

Hashtags can be like a key to improving your reach on the web. Common tags such as #SocialMedia or #MarketingGoals can be great. But, you might also want to search for lesser-used tags like those from larger companies (such as Adobe’s #CreateYourStory). These are the tags that an active viewer audience will be looking at.

While using popular and existing hashtags is always a good move, have a go at making your own branded hashtags, as Buffer did with their #BufferLove hashtag and campaign. This will allow you to monitor what your customers and followers are saying about your companies product and media presence.

These intermediate tips will help you if you have experience with social media and are ready to branch out. These tips will help you create consistent content across all your channels and increase clicks, if you are looking for more help with your social media, why not get in touch about our Social Media Marketing & Management Services?

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