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Elixir Digital

Web Design & Marketing Specialists

Website Design Specialists

Elixir Digital is a Website Design Agency specialising in providing clients with a solution for their digital marketing problems. We’re here like a knight in shining armour to aid your business in its journey towards self-growth.

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We are the modern era of website developers, designers and writers! Experienced in providing solutions that are ‘outside the box’ unique, we look at your business with fresh eyes to ensure your online persona sparkles as brightly as your products and ideas.

Based in Colchester, Essex, we are situated in the stunning heart of Essex. Elixir is sponsored by “Green Futures Biofuel”- a renewable energy company situated just five miles from our head office. Our office is powered by their clean green energy, as part of our mission to be an eco-friendly business with zero carbon footprint. Relax while we manage your online marketing.


Our Services .

We offer a range of services with packages built to fit businesses of any size. Whether you’re a start-up, medium sized, or large multi national business, we’ve got you covered. Our packages are created to be effective in almost any industry. Whether you are a photographer, e-commerce service provider or roofer our bespoke designers understand your online needs and have your back.
Website Design

As a web design agency we take immense pride in our work! We develop true high quality, responsive web design. Bespoke and tailored to you!

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Search Engine Optimisation

Being Google qualified and masters of the search engine we work tirelessly to keep your website soaring like a majestic kite in the google rankings.

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Email Marketing

Using our own in-house, and custom email marketing tools, we utilize all available tools to grow you business via the power of cutting edge email marketing.

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Social Media
We understand the power of social media. We turbo boost your brand by harnessing their power into the hub of your online world. 
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Security Consultations

Security Consulting

As a brand, your digital security is paramount! Our experts constantly analyse our clients’ businesses, ensuring heightened 24/7 online security.
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Blog Management

Blog Management

Blogs are a truly unique way to interact with your audience and improve your brand’s conversion rate. We’re all over this as part of your social engagement package.

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Video Production

Video Production

Embedded video gives your business the modern edge. We work with clients to convert your message, ethos, products and services into compelling video that can be shared via all your social channels.
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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

We truly understand how to elevate your business using the power of handheld computers. We’re able to empower your business with the touch of a finger.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Effective marketing is the key to success. Using click based auctions to drive your engagement is a true testament to online marketing. Your marketing spend is precious, let us help you manage it expertly.

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Works .

Here are some of our previous projects that we've completed. Our happy clients effectively understand their marketing mix and consequently have businesses that are generating powerful engagement.

Testimonial .

  • Elixir Digital helped me to get my business of the ground with a new website, social media management, and blog management to drive people to my website! Seems like everything is running fantastically now, so glad Elixir worked on my site, in addition to this Elixir also helped us to setup our business model.

    Informal photograph of James Morgan.
    James Morgan
    Director of Set Your Bet
  • Elixir Digital is the first and foremost online marketing company to focus on the client, rather than the business. Taking the clients requirements in before any money.

    Photograph of Connor Bulmer
    Connor Bulmer
    Director of Jcbmorgan
  • Elixir Digital has helped us on many occasions to develop an online presence that matches our business’s eco-friendly take on the world. Elixir’s Website Design services have helped us to lift our business of the ground.

    Harry McDonough stood by a swimming pool.
    Harry McDonough
    Director of Green Futures Biofuel
  • Elixir helped us to manage what we’d expect from an online marketing agency by providing us with the latest stats, knowledge and tuition to help get our business off of the ground. As a result of Elixir Digital taking control of our Website Design and online marketing, they’ve helped us to get great engagement!

    Arturo Lopez, the director of Green Futures Biofuel.
    Arturo Lopez
    Director of Green Futures Biofuel

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  • Give us a call and one of our agents will help you to generate more engagements from your business.