Elixir Digital is a website design agency with a focus on creating beautiful, eye catching designs. Although there is no rigid formula to create the perfect website there are core practices to employ in producing a fluid and responsive site; a website that works for the end user as well as the client – unique to your brand identity.


You need your business to rank highly on search engines. We offer the best in SEO to ensure your website is not only highly visible but at the forefront of listings.


A cutting-edge, bespoke, website introduces your company with the same standing. Slick, fast and seamlessly integrated with your social media platforms.


Without security there is no trust. Hacking and digital espionage is a daily reality and Elixir Digital are at the forefront of cyber security.


We utilise only the best practices to build a strong, and loyal, client base. We pride ourselves on creating engaging and concise posts, blogs and tweets on behalf of our clients.


Our videographers are highly experienced in all aspects of the modern film-making and editing processes, with access to the latest Full HD and 4K camera systems.


Modern online business requires regular audience shout-outs. Our targeted email marketing service incorporates your core message into a carefully crafted email.

Every website we create, nurture and evolve is truly bespoke. A unique hub, just for you, optimized for creating maximum engagement with your client base and connecting your social media and online video platforms seamlessly. We are specialists in design, masters of buzz and investors in you: efficiently and seamlessly driving your online business forward.

Web Design Colchester
Website Design Colchester
Web Design Agency

The services offered by a web design agency will be found to be quite useful in increasing the potential of your website. These agencies also provide you with the support that is required for designing, building and maintaining the website so that it’s naturally built with both SEO and conversions in mind. Elixir Digital is well known for its ability to craft excellent website designs, that follow all of the necessary specifications and standards. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer the services of a web design company in Colchester such as Elixir Digital!

One of the most important benefits that you can get from hiring a web design company in Colchester is the fact that they have expert knowledge in creating attractive websites that grab the attention of your prospects. In order to perform their tasks effectively, these companies use the latest tools and the latest technologies in order to render their services more effective. When hiring a London based agency, you still get all of the same benefits, but at a considerable markup, this is why Elixir Digital have based themselves in Colchester, to keep lower running costs and pass the savings onto you!

Another very important benefit that a web design agency provides to their clients is the fact that they are able to help you in making certain changes in the site which could be very beneficial in terms of improving the look and feel of the website. Many of the companies have various team members who are available round the clock and you can be sure that they will not disappoint you.

Before you even start looking for one of these companies, it is best to make sure that you are in a large scope of options and that you are aware of your options. By making these observations, you will be able to reduce the stress associated with the entire process.

You need to ensure that the company you choose to work with is reputed to provide new service and in helping clients with their specific requirements. There are many things that a customer needs to be aware of when it comes to choosing a web design company in Colchester, Elixir Digital has a combined 50 years of industry experience and has some of the brightest minds in Web and SEO!

So, go ahead and get a web design agency in Colchester such as Elixir Digital to create a website for your business. This will help you improve your business and help you increase your customer base.


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Bespoke WordPress Design

As a business in this highly competitive environment, you need everything to have the edge, A Bespoke WordPress design by Elixir Digital will help to give you this edge! As while other agencies will give you a quickly made site from a template, we ensure...

Frequently Asked Questions?


In the modern age it is vital for your website to have a strong online presence. Not only must your site be easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye it must also be benefit from seamless integration with your social media platforms of choice.


Elixir does a lot to separate it from the conventional web design agency: We provide a compassionate and bespoke service, working with you at every stage of the design and build process to ensure that our creation matches your vision and requirements. Because our services are all in-house your brief will never become diluted along several lines of outsourcing.


Our standard policy is that we require our client to pay 50% of the agreed payment in advance and 50% upon completion.


It is all well and good having a fancy website but without search engine optimisation (SEO) your best efforts will go to waste if your website cannot be found online. We are experts on embedding SEO friendly words into your website and working to strengthen your rankings with everything we do.

A leading website design and Online Marketing Agency ensures that it does not just concentrate on building a stunning website, but one that converts and is naturally easy to find in search. With High quality backlinks built to boost those rankings even further!


In tandem with a well designed website your business needs to connect with its fans or customers via the medium of social media. Whether you post a daily tweet, Facebook shout out, or maintain a well written blog to engage with your audience it is nowadays vital to proactively engage with social media. Stay ahead of the game by integrating social media into your marketing mix.


Elixir Digital, upon agreement of contract requires a non-refundable initial deposit. This is an industry standard policy as it protects our time investment- which can be a considerable amount of time. For cancellation of services please refer to T’s & C’s

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